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About Us

About Us

Meet Adam McKnight Perth’s Shoulder Physiotherapist

Meet Adam McKnight Perth’s Shoulder Physiotherapist

Introducing… Adam McKnight – Perth’s Shoulder Physio.

Adam Shoulder Model

Adam has been fixing shoulder pain for over 15 years. He’s worked as a shoulder physiotherapist for the Perth Shoulder Clinic’s specialist shoulder surgeons and assisted hundreds of patients with physiotherapy after shoulder surgery. Adam has vast experience in acute shoulder injuries such as shoulder dislocations and rotator cuff tears and has helped even more patients avoid shoulder surgery altogether.

The variety in his training provided unique and unprecedented access to some of the country’s leading shoulder surgeons and shoulder physios. The ensuing mentoring and exclusive exposure to numerous shoulder surgeries, post-operative rehabilitation and treatment of elite athletes allowed him to develop the shoulder knowledge and experience he has today. 

Ironically, he dislocated his own shoulder in 2019 and required shoulder reconstruction surgery. So, rest assured, Adam can relate to the pain and suffering your shoulder is causing and will do everything he can to find you a solution.

  • Australian Trained Sports Physiotherapist
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Curtin University)
  • Masters of Sports Physiotherapy (Latrobe University)
  • 15+ years of clinical experience dealing with shoulder pain treatment
  • Firsthand experience with shoulder dislocation, surgery and shoulder rehabilitation.

The Perth Shoulder Physio Story

The Perth Shoulder Physio Story

The shoulder is a complex and challenging joint, prone to causing considerable pain and disability. Unsatisfied with the quality of shoulder treatment available, Adam embarked on a journey to develop specific expertise in the area of shoulder pain diagnosis and treatment.

Ironically, Adam dislocated his own shoulder in a snowboarding accident, allowing him to experience shoulder surgery and rehabilitation first hand - he truly understands the pain and frustration you may be experiencing

Now, Adam continues to update his shoulder physio skills and knowledge by attending countless courses, witnessing shoulder surgeries, reading scientific articles and collaborating with other shoulder physiotherapists. He also facilitates courses for Sports Physiotherapy Australia and Sports Medicine Australia.

Don’t let your shoulder pain continue any longer. Ask the Perth Shoulder Physio for help.

Contact Adam today.

Appointments & Pricing

Appointments & Pricing

Perth Shoulder Physio takes pride in the quality of shoulder assessment and treatment we provide.

You will spend significantly more time with Adam than your regular physio, allowing enough time for a thorough examination, diagnosis, explanation of your injury, treatment and exercises to perform at home.

Initial Shoulder Physio Consultation
Initial Consult - $199 For new patients or those presenting with a new injury.
Short Initial Consult - $129 For post op physio and those who feel a thorough assessment is not required.
Follow Up Shoulder Physio Consultation
Follow Up Consult - $129 For patients who require a follow up appointment.

health insurance rebates

health insurance rebates

As part of our commitment to high-quality service and convenience, we offer in-clinic health insurance rebates and will happily deduct your rebate using our HICAPS facilities on the day of your appointment.

The rebate amount you receive at Perth Shoulder Physio varies between the different insurers and levels of cover. Our friendly receptionist will happily assist you to obtain a quote.

Accident Claims
For Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident claims there is no out of pocket expense.

Medicare Care Plan

Perth Shoulder Physio accepts Medicare Care Plans. However, please be aware that there is an out of pocket expense. Therefore, you’ll be required to settle your account in full following your consultation - our receptionist will submit your claim to Medicare on your behalf.

The current Medicare rebate is $58.30.

Visit our appointments page to find out more, call us on 9246 9905 or Book Online.

What should I expect at Perth Shoulder Physio?

What should I expect at Perth Shoulder Physio?

Friendly Welcome

Upon arrival, 10 minutes prior to your appointment, our friendly receptionist will warmly welcome you with a complimentary drink and some paperwork to complete.

Shoulder Assessment

You’ll be introduced to Adam and provided with an opportunity to discuss your shoulder problem and individual treatment goals. Adam will perform the comprehensive and individualised shoulder assessment protocol that he has developed, including special techniques to try and modify your pain.

Shoulder Diagnosis

Adam will then provide a diagnosis and explanation and an opportunity to ask questions. Where possible, he will also provide you with information on your injury to read at home.

Shoulder Treatment

You will receive targeted treatment consisting of ‘hands on therapy’ and/or specific ‘exercise rehabilitation’.

Shoulder Treatment Plan

Together, we’ll form a comprehensive treatment plan for your shoulder pain and recovery.

Free Shoulder Advice

You’ll be free to email Adam directly, with any questions or concerns, prior to your follow up appointment

Any questions?

Any questions?

Here are some answers to the most common questions.

Ready to recover and get pain free?

Your Perth Shoulder Physio is ready to help.